The Story of Testa Barra

Our Story

Testa Barra is a lively restaurant from co-chefs Mike Baldwin and Gabriella Rodriguez, inspired by a spin on modern Northern Italian cuisine.

This local neighborhood haunt churns out thin, hand tossed pizzas as well as scratch made pasta variations from love. Testa Barra re-images what modern Italian cuisine is, with a twist! Under the leadership of Jeffrey Baldwin, Director of Operations & Sommelier, our beverage program is an offering of a contemporary infusion cocktail bar. Testa Barra marries classic cocktails with innovative flavors, fresh herbs and squeezed juices to create innovative libations. Sommelier Brian Herbon has co-authored the wine menu consisting of old world and new temptations of flavors.

  • 2016 – Jeff and Rosemarie Baldwin announce “Baldwin Restaurant Group” adding family members Jeffrey Jr., Co-Chefs Mike and Gabriella to the group.
  • 2017 – Molly’s Menu Pick: Hour Magazine, Beet & Brussel Pizza
  • 2017 – Released a custom blended BRG tequila exclusive to Baldwin Restaurant Group, sponsored by Blue Nectar. Certified by the CRT Council.
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Rosemarie Baldwin’s maiden name, Testa (hard head) brings her Italian side of the family together…her ultimate dream come true. Barra is an island off Scotland, celebrating Chef Jeff’s Scottish and English heritage.