Cooking Classes

Classes include demonstrations by our amazing chefs. They’ll entertain, educate, and enthrall you as you learn insider culinary secrets! Your culinary experience will be an extraordinary sampling dinner prepared by our chefs.

You can’t serve fine food without fine wine to go with it! Along with your meal, you’ll receive specialty wines and cocktails to complement the dishes. At each class, you’ll receive recipes for each and every dish we create! You’ll be able to recreate this wonderful meal at home, any time you want!

$70 per person – All classes begin at 6:30pm

Fish & Seafood Lovers

Monday, March 4th

Fish…seafood…need we say more? The only real question is if our chefs can come up with a delicious dessert that fits the bill. Join us and find out!
($10 additional per person)

NEW Baldwin Brasserie

Monday, April 8th

Enjoy the culinary stylings of our chefs who take their French classical training and mix it with their love of modern rendition. This will be an array of decadent and delicious recipes to add to your cookbook.

NEW Birds and the Bees in the D

Monday, May 6th

Now that everything is defrosted, let’s explore some great springtime recipes that represent regional recipes from our beloved city Detroit!

Tacos & Tequila

Monday, June 3rd

A Mexican fiesta is twice as fun with tequila. This class is your chance to get the best of both! You will learn to mix Mexican cocktails, make authentic corn tortillas from scratch and lots more!
($10 additional per person)

Spanish Tapas

Monday, July 15th

Join us in an intimate experience, enjoying the romantic cuisine of Spain by enjoying tapas with some incredible wines to match.

BRG Culinary Show Down

Monday, August 5th

Come one, come all to the culinary competition of the year! In a head-to-head winner takes all, 4 of our chosen BRG Chefs will be competing against each other for the street cred of Baldwin Restaurant Groups Top Chef.
Additional $10 per person

NEW Flavors of Fall

Monday, September 9th

To pumpkin spice or not to pumpkin spice is the question. Whatever you’re into, we got you covered when it comes to amazing autumn indulgences.

BRG Family Favorites

Monday, October 7th

From our family to yours! What are your favorite foods? Those foods that you crave and can eat over and over. Our chefs will be sharing their recipes for the foods that a gourmet chef cannot live without!

Make it Merry

Monday, November 4th

The weather outside is frightful, but your kitchen should smell delightful. Sit down at our dinner table and enjoy some of our family’s favorite holiday recipes.

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